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Baby night terrors?

Sometimes my DD wakes up screaming loudly and frantic and it is not even close to feeding time, she has a clean diaper, and isn't gassy. I have no idea what this is and it is quite disturbing. I usually feed her to calm her down, but she only eats for 5 mins or so (since she isn't hungry) and is still crying at the breast Sad  Anyone else have/had this happen?
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Re: Baby night terrors?

  • I have no answers for you. Hendrix does this too. I though it was his reflux at first and it still could be since it is supposed to get worse until it gets better but he has been awful the last couple of nights. He will wake up histerical and screaming and crying, tears an all.


    Poor kiddos! 


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  • I just wanted to say that I think it may be reflux as well. I'm not sure but I don't think that babies get night terrors at this age. Reflux is so aweful because you know how painful it can be, even if just for a moment. Three of my kiddos had this. If this continues to happen I would contact your pedi, there are treatments available to help. Good luck, I hope you both get a good nights rest soon.

  • Could this somehow be colic?  My son does this occasionally.  When he does, I'll rub his tummy with some warm oil and then swaddle his warmly.  This seems to do the trick. 
  • Addie did this 3 times last night. She's been doing it since birth every few weeks. She's been checked for reflux, but she doesn't have it. No ideas, just sympathy.
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