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very new momma with questions

I had my baby via csection on Wednesday. He is the most perfect little man I have ever seen, I just can't get rid of this nagging feeling that I am not doing things wrong. He is breastfeeding about every two hours, no more than three hours apart for about 20-30 min at a time, 10-15min per breast. He almost always falls asleep while eating and then sleeps until we wake him up to feed him again. Every once in a while he will be awake and just look around for about 20-30 minutes before he falls back asleep. He only needs his diaper changed about every 6 hours and he is pooping about every other time, it is still that pudding poop. My nipples hurt! My milk came in yesterday and my nipples burn every time he latches on, but it looks like all the pictures that I have ever seen of a proper latch. My nipple is still round when he releases and my whole areola is almost completely in his mouth, I am assuming that the pain is just because I am not used to all this nipple action! They look a little raw on the tips and I have been using lanolin to try and make it better. I just want some reassurance that all this is normal 4 day old baby stuff. 
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Re: very new momma with questions

  • Your post just made me miss the newborn stage in a good way. I didn't like the nb stage much

    Sounds like everything is going perfectly fine for you. Hang in there, nursing should become more comfortable for you soon.

    And Congrats!


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  • Everything sounds pretty normal.  My nipples were pretty sore at first, but it got a lot better about 2 weeks in.  Just give it time and keep using the lanolin.  That helped me a lot.

    As far as the poopy diapers go, it seems a bit low.  Do you know how his weight is?  I am no expert, so it could be completely normal ;)  10-15 on each side sounds about right.  When he's eating, does he seem like he's actively eating or just kind of suckling/pacifying (they say you should hear or see them swallowing every 2-3 sucks)? 


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  • Sounds normal to me. My nipples were sore for about a week or two. It takes time for them to toughen up. Keep up with the lanolin. It was wonderful!
  • Sounds like perfection to me!  The pain will lessen in a week or two, but it does suck in the beginning. 

    Everything else sounds totally normal.  

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  • THANKS! I really appreciate hearing that I am doing this right, being in charge or another little life is scary!!! He has his first check up tomorrow so I know I can check his weight then but a little reassurance from other moms makes a world of difference.
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  • All of that sounds perfectly normal! 



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  • Sounds like my first week. Your nipples get more and more used to it. Our little guy is 5 weeks old and sometimes it still hurts for about 10 seconds when he latches but it doesn't last long. It sounds to me like you're doing just fine though.
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  • My nipples still burn once in a while, but i pump more than nurse, keep it up momma your doing awesome! just maybe change diapers more often than 6hrs... even if its just pee. just so LO doesnt develop a rash.
  • It sounds like you're doing everything right.  Being a new mom is incredibly scary.  I spent the first month calling my pediatrician every time my baby burped funny or didn't seem to poo enough.  I think I drove the poor man crazy, good thing he' very patient.  It takes time to become comfortable with having a new little person around but you'll get there.  Great job! and Congratulations!!!
  • That sounds exactly like what I have been experiencing. The only advice I have is that if you switch breastfeeding positions (Like from cradling to the football hold) every feeding I read that it puts pressure on your breast in different places and can help with some of the discomfort. I have tried that and it seems to help a little.  

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  • sounds normal to me. only difference was that my baby was going through about 15-20 diapers a day the first two weeks. the meconium will eventually turn greenish, then yellow. keep up the good work. dont be afraid to ask for help if you come across problems.

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