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Convertible crib/Munire Essex Crib

We purchased a Munie Essex crib when I was pregnant with DD. It's time to take off the front wall, and make it into a toddler bed.

We weren't given the toddler conversion kit from Munire when we ordered it. (We had to wait close to 9 months for it. When the crib finally came in, DD was already born, and colicky. We just assumed both the full size and toddler size conversion kits were in the box. I know - we should have checked. I guess sleep deprivvation does that!)

I am trying to decide on ordering the kit from babyearth for around $100 or purchasing a metal rail from Target for around $30.

I know it seems logical to do the cheaper one, but how long do those last? Has anyone ever used the ones from target?

If you have any other convertible crib, where did you get the toddler rail at?


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