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I need some input, getting worried

I had a miscarriage. I had a D&C this past friday. I didn't feel the after effects till 3am sunday morning. Bleed all over myself and horrible cramps. Felt better somewhat next day. I am still bleeding lightly. But tonight I am having pains on what i think is my ouveries, mainly my left side. Not unbareable, but very uncomforable. I passed what i assume is a clot, was the size of a small grape and red with grayish pink color. Is this normal to have this almost a week later?

Re: I need some input, getting worried

  • I only had my D&C yesterday, but my doctor told me to call him if I was still passing clots...

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  • I had a D & C on 8-31. I would call your dr about the clots. I had pretty painful cramping and a lot bleeding that started about the 3rd day and my dr said that was normal.
  • About 3 days after my D&C, I was having horroble cramps and passing clots. So, when I called my Dr, she told me to come in that same afternoon. After an internal check, she said everything looks ok and the cramps are normal. I would advise you to call your Dr.
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  • I had a simlar pain 4 days after I passed the sac (I had a natural m/c).  It was to the point I couldn't stand up straight.  It only lasted a day though.  Not sure what it was but it passed.  Hopefully you get to feeling better soon. 
  • I passed some serious clots a week later and had awful cramping.  I went to the ER and they did an u/s- said it was just debris.  My OB said that sometimes you will pass clots afterwards and after you've passed them you'll be fine. 

    I would call your OB and make them aware that you've passed some clots.  You can describe the situation to them and they can decide if you should come in or if you're most likely fine.

    I freaked too when I woke up in a mess, but it turned out fine.  Don't worry.  Your OB and their nurses can give you some reassurance, just give them a call.

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