Day Care ?

My lo is 4months old. I work pt evenings and my dh works ft days. There is a small overlapping time period during which family is nice enough to watch lo. I feel like I'm taking advantage of the parents/gparents though and am considering daycare. I don't know the 1st thing about daycare. I could call around I suppose but don't want to sound like a dummy. Do daycares even do late afternoon/early evening sessions? Should I look for a high schooler to babysit instead (one that I trust obviously)? Also my job asks that I be available to sub for the ft gal whenever possible. Do daycares do impromptu full days?

 Advice for a newbie mom.

Re: Day Care ?

  • There are some 24 hour centers here.  I don't know if you have to commit to a min number of hours, or how that works, but they cater to people working retail/restaurants who have changing schedules.
  • There are daycares that take children on a drop-in basis for full days, but you'll just have to call around and figure it out for the hourly basis. I've never heard of daycare centers taking them for that, but you never know until you call. Finding a babysitter through other means might be the way to go.
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