Intense shoulder/neck/back pain?!?!

I have the most intense shooting pain from my shoulder blade up to my neck that started once my milk came in and hurts most when I'm bf-ing or take a deep breath. I know this is not uncommon but have no clue what to do other than applying heat and taking motrin which isn't helping much.

any tips? 

Re: Intense shoulder/neck/back pain?!?!

  • I get back pain if I hunch over while BF, or hold baby without support like a pillow.  Does that sound like what it could be? Try to bring baby to breast, not leaning in towards baby.
  • chiropractor!  mine showed me some stretches that helped.


  • I try to watch my posture, especially when feeding DS (unfortunately, looking down at him for 30 minutes every 2 hours was taking it's toll, so unless his eyes are open, I keep my head up and watch tv or read a book perched on a stand), stretch a few times a day (slow head rolls feel sooooo good - I even do them while I'm feeding DS), feed often so my breasts don't get too heavy (they are quite large to begin with, so any additional weight really hurts), and I take a nightly bath to relax. Also, it's gotten a little better since I've started some light exercise (all I do is walk currently). Oh, and when it gets really bad I take the prescription strength Ibuprofen I got sent home from the hospital with - all it is 800mg, so 4 pills of the regular kind instead of 2.

    I feel your pain though! I hope it gets better!

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  • I'd like to know, too! I feel like my is partially letdown, but the burning sensation starts in the center of my back and "wraps" around all the way to my breast. I've just been taking ibuprofen to take the edge off and trying to watch my posture.
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