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Preschool recommendations

We're moving to the Columbus area soon & was looking for some recs for a good preschool. More than likely we will be in the Hilliard area, so that's where I'd like to look first. Also, looking for a church/Christian preschool. TIA!

Re: Preschool recommendations

  • Hello there and welcome to the Columbus area! I actually live in Hilliard, it's a wonderful community and I feel very safe here. As for good preschools there a a few kindercares and I see signs on a few churches offering daycare/preschool. My little one is too small for preschool yet and we can't afford daycare so I work weekends and my husband works during the week. I will ask around my circle of moms in the area. However depending on where you are at in Hilliard you may be close to the Dublin area which is also very nice. I'd be happy to check into these for ya.
  • Thank you! Isn't Kindercare a daycare? I'm really looking for strictly a preschool. She goes to a church right now & I LOVE it. That will actually be the hardest part of moving, pulling her out of school, we all love it so much! I tried to do a little internet research & the only one I found online, is Hilliard United Methodist, which we will probably tour, but it's only 2 hours, twice a week. She currently goes 4 hours, 3 times a week, so I'd like something equivalent, but I understand things may work completely different there!!

    I'm not sure where exactly in Hilliard we will be. It will all depend on if my mom lives with us or not! I'm somewhat familiar with the area, I have an aunt that lives there, and my mom works in Hilliard. But I'm not sure if we'll be in a house, or apartment. I love Hilliard though! I actually graduated from New Albany, and although that area is nice, the east side is so different from the west side!

    Thanks for all your help!

  • My sister takes/took her kids to Linworth Methodist Church & their Linworth Child Center.  She is so happy with what they do and the progress her daughter has made.

    The church/school is in Dublin around Sawmill & 161. 

  • OK, I know you're not looking for a child care, but a lot of the preschools are also certified for child care (due to before and after care) by the state.  So, you might want to check out this website:

     It can help you identify places that take preschool-age kids, and a lot of those run preschool programs (in addition to child care programs).  The search engine will link you to information about whether the center has earned any awards and also to information about their most recent inspections by the state. 


  • BEARS preschool or TUMPS preschool in Upper Arlington are good, but it might be a little more of a drive than you are looking for.
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