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Follow up: does your Colic baby sleep well during the day?

I cannot get my guy to sleep longer than 20 minutes at a time and that's 20 minutes in my arms.  He jolts and squirms and wakes himself up.  Even if I swaddle him.  Yesterday i put him on his tummy to sleep in the afternoon and got lucky. He slept for 1 1/2 hours and that's the longest he has napped since he turned 3 weeks.  I tried it again today and it didn't work. After 20 minutes he would wake up trying to find his paci that would fall out when he would move his head. 
All this lack of sleep contributes to the colic and makes him so so so fussy.  I have given in to holding him for naps yet he STILL won't sleep very long. ??


Re: Follow up: does your Colic baby sleep well during the day?

  • buy those colic tablets from krogers.........i went 3 days without them and all he did was cry cry and not son is very colic at 11wks old.gave him 2 tablets in his bottle sunday,he hasnt fussed since.and its gettin now that his "fussy time" which was between 8pm and midnight,he goes to bed by 9pm now.its been soooo hard with his just now enjoyinh bn a mom
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  • DD #1 had colic and didn't sleep well during the day.  She took 30 minute crap naps until she was 4mos old.
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