Anyone here have contractions all day?

I know I'm not getting enough water, but I'm drinking at least 8 glasses a day and I'm still having contractions.  Last cervical check I was at a 6, so they aren't doing anything, but they are painful and worrisome for me.  Anyone else having contractions throughout their pregnancy?
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Re: Anyone here have contractions all day?

  • I had Braxton Hicks contractions all the time when I was pregnant.  They started at 25 weeks and I was diagnosed with an irritable uterus.  The only thing that helped was tons and tons of water and lying down to rest.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I added a bottle of Gatorade to my routine each day to help me stay hydrated.  Basically, I read that just to keep up the amniotic fluid while pregnant with twins, you had to drink 8 oz every hour.  It's a ton of water, but after a while you get used to it.  Although I did land in the hospital with crazy contractions from dehydration on one occasion, the constant contractions weren't what sent me into labor.  So, if you're resting, drinking water, and your doc is keeping an eye on you, I woudn't stress over it.  Good luck! 
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  • I also had an irritable uterus.  Like PP, Just drink tons of water and ly down as much as possible.  I never got complete bedrest, but by 31 weeks my doc wanted me to lie down 3x a day for 2 hours each.

  • Christa I had them all the time from about 18 weeks with the twins. Try to drink more and they does not help I would speak with your doctor.
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  • ugh yes! mine started at 28 weeks and really didn't let up until I delivered at 36.5 weeks :/

    drink plenty of water and stay off your feet when you can. I went to triage ALOT because I would so many and I would get worried, only to get there and be sent home because they weren't making any progress :-(

    It was super frustrating, hang in there!


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  • Me.  I have been having them alot the last week or so and I hate them.  They don't hurt but are only uncomfortable.  I will be asking my dr. about them on Monday.
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  • I had tons of them and the third time I was sent to L&D, after Nifedipine and Terb failed, (35 weeks 2 days), since their lungs were fully developed I had a c-section. My contractions were every 2-3 minutes, but they were really mild and I had no progress, but my OB's and the Director of MFM at the hospital were concerned that the frequency might thin out my old c-section scar and possibly cause a rupture.
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