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Balboa adjustable sling

Re: Balboa adjustable sling

  • I do and used it a lot when LO was smaller. He loved to curl into a ball and snuggle against me when I did grocery shopping or had to get work done.

    He barely fits in it anymore (almost 13 lbs and 24 in), but he still loves to curl up and falls asleep in it.

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  • I got one of these because it appealed to me to carry my baby next to me all the time and thought it would be nice in the winter to be able to keep him warm on my walks.  But as soon as I brought it home and tried it out he hated it.  He cried every time he went in it.  Also, I was uncomfortable with how he sat in it.  As a three week old he still sunk pretty far into it and I couldn't see his face.  So I returned it and got one of those moby wraps, which work a lot better once you get the hang of them.
  • I got one of these and just tried it out for the first time today. My LO is only 2 weeks old so he really sunk in there but seemed to like it. I was paranoid the whole time that he couldn't breath. And my back hurt. I dont know if it is just me, but I have tried two slings and both hurt my back. I also have a baby bjorn but he has to weigh over 8lbs and my DS is just barely back up to his birth weight of 7lbs (he went down to 6lbs4oz...due to low milk production at birth). I am interested in seeing everyone else's experience w/ it.
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