3rd Trimester

What's your stranger comment of the day?

Mine was:

"When are you due?"

"November 18th."

::Looks down on my belly::

"Oh, you'll never make it to November."

I think maybe she was trying to say that I am huge?

Re: What's your stranger comment of the day?

  • A nurse in L&D last night was watching my blood pressure every 5 mins and said "you're a freak"


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  • Ah, the joys of people and their broken filters.

    It's been the total opposite for me which I find odd because I think I look decently big. People's jaws drop when I said I'm due November 26th. They always say "No way! You are way too small!" I'd rather hear that than I'm HUGE though.

    I do have one male friend who think he's being funny when he calls me huge or fatass. I'm a pregnant woman.....I still have feelings.

  • The lady checking me out at the grocery store asked when I was due, I said 2 days ago, and then she asked me "are you sure you're not in labor"...um, yea...pretty sure. :)
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  • Yesterday, a stranger on the street turned to me and said "You're having a boy".  So I said "Oh, no, it's a girl actually" and he responded "No.  It's definitely a boy".  I didn't have the heart to tell him we'd seen her bits and pieces on the ultrasound, so I just said "OK".

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  • Random husband and wife combo speaking to me in the elevator at the hospital yesterday:

    W: When are you due?

    Me: 2 weeks.

    H: Oh, you'll never make it.

    W: What do you mean? She's tiny... she'll go over for sure.

    H: She's huge compared to you.

    Me: Uh thanks, we'll see what the doctor thinks.

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  • None so far today, but yesterday I got a full on 2 hand belly rub from a patient at work. Total stranger. I flew backwards and said WHOA!!
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  • Waiting in line:

    Random Weird Lady: "You're pregnant!"

    Me: "Yep"

    Randon Weird Lady: "It's a boy, you don't have long left do you?"

    Me: "It is a boy, not too long"

    Random Weird Lady: (shouting) "You're naming him Logan?!, Hunter?!, Jackson!?"

    Me: ::stares in disbelief:: (why is she trying to guess the name of my child??) "Actually we have yet to decide on a name".

    Random Weird Lady: "I'm sorry, I'm being really invasive aren't I?"

    At least she realized she was being really effing weird Indifferent

  • sales woman at a non maternity store: are you sure you can fit your big belly into anything here?

    me: ehm.. no, in fact I'm getting a cache-coeur!

    sales w: if is like that then it's ok

    she was probably right but wasn't nice at all! she was lucky I'd just had a massage and was all relaxed or her head would had been chewed off!

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  • Got the wonderful "Oh my gosh your huge, are you sure it's not twins?!" for the first time last week, I have heard of these comments happening to others but was in utter shock to actually hear someone say this to me. And yes I am carrying large but still have some sense people....
  • Last night I went to the mall and Target looking for new maternity clothes.

    Target worker: There must be something in the water, every woman who walks by is pregnant.  I know I'm not drinking any of the water around here.

    Me: Maybe you should tell someone in management how many pregnant women shop here so you can get a decent maternity section.

    I know I was a biitch, but I was tired, sore and thirsty by that time and I went home without buying anything.

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  • I waddled into a farm stand yesterday and an employee exclaimed "don't scare me like that!"


  • After running to catch the bus:

    Bus driver: "Hey Mama! Don't overdo it, just flag me down next time and I'll stop!"

    Me: ::laughs::

     ...and then rage takes over when none of the young college students on board stand up to offer me their seat. A big pregnancy pet peeve... 

  • Hospital parking garage day pass guy: (accent) You going to deliver tonight? You ready to go anytime now?

    Me: No I have 4 weeks till I have a scheduled csection..I'm only 34 weeks.

    Hospital parking garage day pass guy: (accent) Noo, no, no! I give you..two week. Maybe tonight. Maybe you should buy a 3 day pass..

    Husband: No, we don't need that just here to drop off paperwork.

    Hospital parking garage day pass guy: (accent) offer stands, I see this all the time. Good night!


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