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Moving to Austin - need ObGyn


I am 10 weeks pregnant and my husband and I had found a wonderful doctor and hospital in San Antonio - and then we found out we're moving to Austin!

Can anyone recommend an Ob-gyn and practice to me that they really like? We're looking for excellent/kind bedside manner and someone that won't rush us through our appt. We'd also like to be able to do all the testing (blood/sono/us/etc) at the doctors office. And to not be too picky, we'd like to hospital room to be private.

 So now that I've been really picky...does anyone have suggestions for us new Austin-ites??

 Thank you!!!

Re: Moving to Austin - need ObGyn

  • you should post on the austin board, the ladies are very helpful and can give you recs based on where you'll be living. 
    merry everything!

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  • Hi! I live in Austin, and I LOVE my clinic. I go to Dr. Oliver at Women Partners in Health on 34th (or so? Can't remember the exact street). I've heard Dr. Weihs is great too and I'm sure they all would be.

    I think they do blood testing at the office, but my insurance requires that I go offsite, which is literally either at the building next door or the building across the street (my insurance has changed so I've been to both). When I called I had just gotten my BFP, told them my LMP and they scheduled me for an exact 6 week appointment, where I had a transvag U/S (which I'm told is very lucky if we weren't having any issues conceiving) and just a general chat with my Dr., who was really excited for us, and answered all my questions. I feel really comfortable with her and her nurse. My big appointment is in another two weeks, where we'll do another U/S and all the genetic screening. I had lots of recommendations from friends on this practice so I know I'm in good hands and I'm fairly certain you can't go wrong with any of the women there. Good luck and welcome to Austin!


  • I go to Rennaisance Women's Group and my doctor is Dr.Laura Meritt. I like my doctor and their staff. The nurses are always available to answer your question via phone and are very friendly.
  • i go to the austin regional clinic.  the branch where my ob is in the seton nw hospital in northwest austin area.
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  • Before moving to NC, I went to Austin Partners in Health. http://www.wpih.net/public_html/?page_id=1336

    I loved Dr. Ikbal! She took the time with me, then with my husband, then arranged for necessary immunizations, etc...She was great!

    You can also check out Austin's Yelp reviews. It seems everyone in Austin 'yelps' and loves to talk about their experiences.

     Austin is the best. Enjoy!

  • I live in Austin and I'm using Austin Diagnostic Clinic OB group. Everything is in an inoffice setting. What I like most about it is that the delivery will be done with the NEW St. Davids Women's Center of Texas. The building is so nice and has this fancy hotel feeling. Oh and the rooms are great. My OB is Dr. Devine and she was so sweet and took her time with us.




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