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areola size

I watched a breastfeeding video, and couldn't help but notice the topic of discussion--nipples.

So I noticed that everyone in the video had these cute, slightly pink-ish, perfectly round areola. I feel like mine are much much larger than those women's, and do not have a defined line; this is skin, this is areola. I feel like my areola looked like that of the women in the video BEFORE I got pregnant, and now they are grossly enormous.

Anyone else having this encounter?

Will my areola shrink? Or become more concentrated?

And finally, when I have stopped breastfeeding, will my nipples/areola return to something more resembling their original state?

Re: areola size

  • I don't remember my nipples getting very big the first time around, but this time they are seriously saucer-sized. I have no idea when it happened, but I'm hoping they go back to the way they were. For some reason, I think that they may be here to stay.
  • Uh yeah, me too. And they are like dark brown. Its a new development, and I can't say I am pleased.
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    I have wondered this same thing!!! Will they ever shrink back to normal?! 

    My DH commented on them the other day because he read about it in one of his books and was obviously proud to have learned something and "apply" it - I was so upset that he even NOTICED!!!  His comment "It's natural for them to be larger, happens to most pregnant women"... yeah, well - that doesn't make it any more acceptable for me! Good lord, sometimes I wish he would just not commentZip it! UGH.

  • I hope they go back to their original state. They a huge and brown right now.
  • Mine are huge and brown as well... NOT happy. I had a perfect breast to nipple ratio before my BFP... now? I don't even recognize myself...
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  • yup I have humungous nipples/areola now.. its so weird!




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  • I don't have aeroli anymore. I have doorknobs.
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  • Yes mine are huge and dark brown.  National Geographic.  They went back to normal after my DS so I am hoping they will again.  I hate them right now.  Plus it doesn't help when my kid accidently walks in on my and says "Eww mom" as he is staring at my boobs.
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  • image spursgirl10:
    Yes mine are huge and dark brown.  National Geographic.  They went back to normal after my DS so I am hoping they will again.  I hate them right now.  Plus it doesn't help when my kid accidently walks in on my and says "Eww mom" as he is staring at my boobs.

    Poor mom, no one ever wants someone to walk in and say eww to anything! Little kids and teenagers have no filters!

  • Mine are HUGE and DARK (YUCK!).  They were similar w/DD.  They do get lighter (but not as light as they were before children, at least for me, and my mom, aunt, etc.) and smaller again so don't worry. 
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  • I really hope they go back! 

    I HATE my salami areolae!!! I used to love my boobs, but now they are just huge and gross.  

  • These dinner plate areolas of mine are not attractive! Thankfully, though, they do go back to normal. They will stay this way for a couple days after the baby is born and then fade right back to where they were before.
  • I went from an A cup to a D cup and my Areolas grew to match they are bigger then a silver dollar now and uneven the left being larger than the right. I too had a great ratio before BFP. I really hope they go back to normal or at least the areolas shrink up a bit.
  • I breastfed and pumped for 11 months....

    Pre-baby they were small a little bigger than a quarter and sort of a light brown and pink color.

    While pregnant they got bigger and dark

    ...(looks down top)...Now they are back to their original size.  Not quite as pink as they were pre-baby, but they are a light brown/tan color.


    They are a lot more sensitive now.  If it's cold, then you can practically see them through a sweatshirt.  I'm surprised I haven't poked someone's eye out yet. My nips were never like that before Katie came around.

    I do miss my little perky bewbies...now I have 'mom boobs'   Crying

  • Thank you SO MUCH for all of your input!!

    I talked to my mom about it too (she's preggy with her 9th, so I thought she might know a thing or two) and she agreed with all of you...super huge and dark when pregnant and breastfeeding, but after you ween they shrink back CLOSE to original.

    The general consensus is that videographers pick out ladies with "model" breasts (or in this case, nipples and areola), because we are used to seeing the "normal" breast/nipple ratio and not everyone has encountered the "pregnancy breast." So in the case of the breastfeeding video I watched, it might distract from the point they were trying to make if they featured saucer-ladies like us.

    On a cheery side-note, men tend to find our saucer-size nipples more attractive because they are more exotic.

    I will say "tend" because sometimes it takes a little life under their belt to break from what society tells them to like. But when they stop relying on porn, studies show that fertility is an awesome turn-on for men, be it those big thighs, hips that prevent us from wearing junior sizes anymore, round bellies instead of flat ones, huge boobs, and those saucer-like areola--men will pick them over their skinny counterparts, as long as the fertile body still looks healthy.

    ...so maybe we shouldn't fret just yet.

    Pregnancy is a tough pill to swallow, and I personally don't like feeling huge and gross. So when I look down at my monsters I don't feel so attractive, and the vote of confidence from some study conducted boosts my self-esteem. I just hope the hubby concurs! :)

  • Mine have always been huge. I hate them..think like, 2 inches across. At least the baby has a big ole target lol. The only problem I've heard with it is that some breast pump shields might not fit correctly. I have the Medela PISA and I'm thinking..no way in hell are these shields going to be big enough. so i'm bringing them to the hospital with me to have the LC look at it. Just something to think about!
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  • All right so I said men TEND to like those exotic saucer boobs we get.

    Unfortunately, that isn't my man. He admitted that he likes my smaller pre-pregnancy boobs better. However, he did say that he loves me more for carrying/birthing his babies.

    So ugh. But at least I have something to look forward to when I'm not so pregnant. And I AM glad that he has a preference (and was willing to tell me)...

    Hope all you ladies find encouragement with your own boobs. :) 

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