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There were no additional responses after last night's exchange about your potential contractions. I'm assuming you went to the hospital and possibly had your baby?!

Anyone have the scoop?

Re: **JulietBear**

  • I know, I've been wondering too! 
    DS born via c/s 11/08 and med-free GD VBAC DD 3/11! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • No further posts on the October board either, so hopefully she's holding her beautiful baby by now!
  • Nope.. Sadly he isn't here yet.. I've been having mild contractions since sunday when I first posted. I walked for about an hour yesterday. Then got a call from my doctor insisting I go in and see her today. I was still only 1 cm and he was still up pretty high. But his heart rate was great and head down, so I was able to avoid induction again. I'm thinking they are just trying to wear me down on that.. She had me schedule an appointment to be induced next tuesday, just before 42 weeks. BUT I went for a walk today, almost 4 miles with my mom.. and now my contraction are going even stronger than they were on sunday! Also I have pressure when I feel them! I'm SO excited! Who knew pain could be this exciting! lol.. So, I am REALLY hoping this is it this time! He's moving around inbetween contractions, so I feel much more confortable to labor at home for awhile..= ) I am rolling around on my birthing ball and typing inbetween contractions. I just keep telling myself that my body is dilating, I am hoping my positive thoughts are working. Thanks for thinking of me, I'll keep you ladies posted! Hopefully with baby news tomorrow.. = )
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