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My MIL and sister with be hosting my baby shower, however, I was unaware I was supposed to get them anything...Now I see that I should, what have you ladies bought your hostess's? I'd prefer something cute, and not too expensive.

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  • I haven't had a baby shower yet, but for my bridal shower I got them a gift card to starbucks
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  • I have a membership to Sam's Club and found some really cute gifts there. My sister in law (bro's wife) and my best friend (one baby's godmother) are hosting one of my showers and I got them both a big candle (they are both candle fiends lol Only $10 for both and they are fall scented). Godmommy also got a heavy glass picture frame (found at TJ Maxx for $3!) and I put an ultrasound picture of both babies in there. SIL is in college and is in a very loving relationship with coffee. I found a to-go canister that is super cute and has a "family" saying on it and you can put your own picture in it so I put a picture of the two of us in it. Found that at Shopko for $4.

    My other sister in law (DH's sister) is hosting my other shower and I got her a gift bag/basket from Starbucks. Found at Sam's Club for $10.


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  • Pretty basket of candles or basket of bath stuff. 
  • Gosh I never thought about this, but I guess it is a good thing to do :)

     I agree; I would say a nice candle or maybe a gift card for a coffee shop or bookstore? Something they like that doesn't cost a fortune.

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