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Please share your experience with spotting during pregnancy

Good Morning All,

I'm now a little over a week (9 days) with light brown (mostly beige) spotting and my anxiety levels are still high about it.  My OB had me get my beta levels taken last week, which looked very good- Monday at noon (880) Wednesday at 7:30AM (1,708) so they were happy with that.  When I talked to the nurse on Thursday morning she said to take it easy for a week, no sex, no heavy lifting, and to call Monday if I was still spotting.  Saturday I had nothing and was so hopeful that it was the end of the spotting, but nope, happened yesterday afternoon, and first thing when I woke up today.

I'm trying so hard to not let this get to me, I know stress isn't good, but I can't help it!  My sleep isn't very good because I'll wake up 2-3 times through the night and the anxiety will kick in, taking me at least 30 mins to fall back asleep.  

It's mostly just on the TP, with just a little bit falling into the toilet, and it's only brown/beige so I know that's good, but still, how do you just relax?!

I'm going to call the doctor if it happens again today, but in the meantime I'd love to hear others' experience with spotting.  Am I worrying too much?

Re: Please share your experience with spotting during pregnancy

  • Between week 7 & 8 I spotted for like 7 days straight.  Then it stopped for 2 days, then it happened again for 2 days.  Mine was like a brownish red in color and it was never enough to fill a pad.  Just like you, I would only see it when I wiped after peeing.

    I haven't had any spotting since then and so far all is good with my baby.  I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and we saw a strong heartbeat.

    I know it is hard to relax and not stress about it....but just try.  Your doctors are pleased with the beta numbers...bank on that for the time being.



  • With my first pregnancy I had some spotting during the first trimester, especially after sex.  Like you, it was light and brown.  But it still freaked me out! 

    Talking to other women who had spotting during pregnancy and went on to have healthy babies helped me, hopefully this thread will help you too.

  • I was worried the whole time I was spotting, even after the US showed everything was ok w/ the baby.  I think that is normal.  I'd just keep in touch w/ your doctor's office and do whatever they tell you in terms of pelvic rest, etc.

    I started spotting brown at 5w5d and it lasted about 48-72 hours.  I got a beta done the first day of spotting and it was great at 59,865, and the dr's office called the next day and said to schedule an US b/c that beta was high enough that they should be able to see whatever they needed to see via US (they were worried I was too early to see baby/hb prior to the levels being done).  I went in the next day and saw baby and hb of 127.  The spotting stopped after that and we heard the hb at 10w4d w/ doppler at the doctor's office.  But, it was scary to see the blood, so I'd just keep in touch w/ the doctor and try to keep your mind occupied with other things as much as possible during the waiting!

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  • I've had two spotting episodes with this pregnancy, one at 4 weeks and one at 9 weeks.  I never spotted at all with my first pregnancy and I had a recent m/c so needless to say, I was pretty freaked out both times.

    After the second spotting episode, I had an ultrasound and everything was fine with the baby.  The spotting is coming from the placenta, which is implanted over my cervix right now.  

    There are a lot of things that can cause spotting without meaning anything is wrong with the baby, so try not to worry too much (easier said than done, I know).  GL! 


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  • I'm only 4 weeks but have been having similar spotting for the past week (brown only when I wipe like 2 - 3 times a day).  Yesterday it was barely anything, and today nothing so far.  I haven't called the doc. but might today if it continues.  The fact that mine is slowing down alot leads me to believe that all is fine, but it still worries me.  I go times where I feel like everything is fine, then a few minutes later I feel a random twinge and am petrified.  I think it just goes along with being pregnant.  I feel like I won't relax until the first tri is over.
  • I spotted all of my 5th week and it was mostly brown but some pink..which had me in a huge worry. The doctor ended up checking me, and so far everything seems to be alright. It's so hard to not worry about it, I know.

    The way the nurse explained it is that you're growing all of these blood vessels, and since they're young it's easy to break them, hense the spotting. To be honest, I don't know if this was complete BS she was giving me but it made me feel better.  I hope the spotting stops for you!

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  • I had bright red gushing about 13 weeks with my DS. They never figured out why but he was perfectley fine and is now a WILD 8 month old!
  • At 7 weeks I spotted brown for about a week, maybe a bit longer.  I tried not to worry about it for the first few days because my betas had been good, but like you, I couldn't help but worry!  I called the dr after I had been spotting for 3-4 days and they had me come in for an ultrasound.  Everything looked good, right on schedule, and we got an early look at the heartbeat.  The u/s tech said spotting in early pregnancy is very common and usually nothing to worry about if it's brown.  Brown means old blood, either from implantation or your previous period.  In the meantime, I was told to take it easy, no sex, no heavy lifting, and to drink lots of water, until the spotting stopped. 

    I would call your dr and ask for an u/s.


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  • 15-20% of women bleed during pregnancy. I was spotting and bleeding for almost 6 WEEKS. Believe me, I freaked out when I saw the first spotting that we went to the ER straight away - I had a MC before, so my anxiety is high. But its done now and I hope for the best. Good luck. BTW: my Dr. said, brown is nothing to worry about. Easier said than done. But try.
  • We had two spotting scares, in the eighth week. I went to the ER the first time, and they did an u/s. Baby looked great, bleeding had stopped, so they sent me home with orders for pelvic and bed rest, and lifting restrictions.

    I had some bright red spotting after a BM later that week. We saw the OB - who did another u/s and again, everything looked good. They have continued my restrictions, and I am now on modified bed rest and full pelvic rest until 20 weeks, when we'll re-visit the issue.

    No, I don't think you are worrying too much. Spotting, while common, is never normal, and it needs to monitored by your doctor. There is a good chance everything will be okay, but I would do what you can to take it easy and stay off your feet right now.

  • I had brown spotting around week 6 and went in for an u/s- everything was fine and they couldn't find where it was coming from. Then that continued off and on for two more weeks until one day I had bright read blood. Went in for another u/s and everything was still fine. They couldn't see where I had been bleeding from so my doctor said it could very well be from me being so constipated and straining so much, which could have irritated the cervix. I haven't had any issues (so far) since then!

    Hang in there, I know it's scary but just try and relax.

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  • It sounds like you probably have some implantation bleeding, so try not to worry.  It's a good thing that it is brown.  I had spotting at 5 weeks and that kept up until 7 weeks and after an U/S I was dx with an SCH (subchorionic hemmhorage). Though the spotting has been light and mostly brown now~ after multiple U/S both babies are doing great at 10 weeks and we have even been able to find both heartbeats on our dopplar at home!  Hang in there~ I am sure everything will be fine!
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  • I had spotting from week five all the way to the day before week twelve. Two doctors and three ultrasounds later, and I've been spot-free for two and half days now. At all three ultrasounds, and last week with the dopplar heart monitor, baby was great each time. Both doctors said the bleeding was coming from my cervix, and it could be irritated extremely easily- even by just walking. Then last week, my doctor did a test and said I had a yeast infection- I had no typical yeast infection symptoms. He gave me diflucan, and it seems to have helped. I'm amazed each time I go to the bathroom and the TP is clean.

    It helped all along knowing that my baby was fine. I'm almost done with my first trimester, and I feel like I'll worry even less after that.

    Good luck, and make sure to keep asking your doctor about it! Be your own advocate- doctors are busy people! 


  • I had light brownish beige spotting at 6w and I freaked out because my previous pregnancy ended up in miscarriage except this time I had no cramps at all.  I called my doctor right away and told him, he said as long as its brown or beige and you have no severe cramps following the spotting its perfectly fine, if it turns pink or red then to call back immediately.  I only lasted for two days and went away.  he said it might have been left over from the implantation. 

     Don't worry as long as it's a brownish color. Relax keep your feet up take naps, and take everything slow. Your betas also seemed pretty good so I wouldn't worry.

  • I'm 8 weeks exactly today and actually had some spotting this weekend--it started out pink then went to brown. Like many of the PPs, I freaked out.

    It seemed to have stopped last night, but there was a little again when I woke up this morning, so I called my doctor's office. They had me come in and everything is fine.

    Turns out I have a couple of cysts on my cervix that my doctor noticed during my exam. My last pap was normal, so she said it was most likely a nabothian cyst (which is benign) that ruptured. And she warned me it could happen again and that I'm not to worry unless I see bright red and go from spotting to bleeding.

    Then after she did my physical exam, she went ahead and did an u/s--everything was perfectly fine! LO is measuring at 8w4d and I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time.

    We're supposed to travel to San Francisco this weekend and she said there is absolutely no reason for me not to go. She just doesn't think it's anything serious.

    To say it was a relief is an understatement. I know that it's impossible not to worry--we all do--but just stay informed, let your doctor know what you're experiencing, and take it from there. As PPs have mentioned, as long as it's brownish (and even in my case pink!), it's more than likely nothing serious.

    Good luck!

  • I can't thank you all enough!  Just to hear all of your stories eases a little of my fears.  I also called my DR office today and told the nurse I had very little today, but some and she said to call back Tuesday afternoon if I still have some and they will schedule an early u/s.  Then I asked if she'd be concerned, or if this is still considered common, and she said right away that it is very common.  She said that they have had women that have spotted through the whole 1st trimester! 

    She said that after everything I've told her that's been going on with me, that she's not concerned at all.  

    For the rest of the day I've been able to breathe a whole lot better - and a lot of that is owed to all of you!

    Thank you  Smile

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