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Are cramps of this magnitude normal?

It's only been 4 days and the Dr did warn me that I'd have cramps from time to time which I did have. But, last night, the pain shot up to a whole new level. They pretty much feel worse than labor pains. I think i may have to take her up on her offer for a stronger pain killer bc advil isn't quite cutting it anymore. Anyone else feels/felt like this?

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Re: Are cramps of this magnitude normal?

  • I had a D&C on Thursday and that night they were really bad and then  not so bad after that. Well last night I was in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. So I called the doctor and he asked how I was bleeding and clotting and at that time I was only lightly bleedind and no clots. He said that was fine and I could continue to cramp over the next couple of days. Now, I am not so sure if these cramps are normal either, but I figured I would see how today goes. Sorry for you loss and hope you feel better soon
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  • I would def. call your doc.  They may want to see you just to be sure everything is going along as it should.  At the very least they could prescribe you something stronger to help you out.  Going through this is painful enough emotionally.  So sorry for your loss, I hope that this will all be over for you soon.
  • I had " cramps" that felt like labor contractions during my miscarriage. But each time it got really awful, I would bleed a lot and pass large clots and then the cramps would slow down. You should call if you're worried and they can give you some stronger pain meds.
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  • My doctor gave me Vicadin to help with the pain.  I had one REALLY bad 4 hour stretch before I passed the sac. After that though, my bleeding stopped the day after and I think only had to take two more doses of vicadin.  Hopefully the worst is over for you. 
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