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The in-between look

Thats where I am.  I feel like I look pregnant but someone may just mistake me for eating a big frickin burger....brrrp.

I actually had to ask DH today....LOL, "if you didn't know me, would you say I just look fat or pg?"  He laughed at me, as I deserved it and said, pregnant (can you imagine if he gave me the fat answer?)

Sh*t... now I want a burger.   

Re: The in-between look

  • Thats where I am too, its horrible. I tried some maternity shirts on at Target the other day and I over heard these ladies talking about how long a shirt I tried on might be and I said "oh, I just tried that on and its really long" and they were like oh, well you aren't pregnant..are you? ::sigh:: Yes, I am I just look incredibly bloated. I ask my DH that all the time but I feel like he only says I look pregnant because he KNOWS I am. I can't wait to have my belly, luckily its popping out sooner this time than it did the first ( of course I have mixed emotions about that also, but we can't have it both ways now can we lol)
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  • Oh yeah. Dh dutifully tells me I look pregnant, not fat, but I know the truth.
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  • I'm with you. In most shirts, I do have a small bump, but it kind of just resembles chub (and it is a lot of chub, but my ute is definitely hard under there and pushing the chub out. I think since I'm already a bit heavy, people would be afraid to come out and ask. Here are my 4 week vs. 13w6d pics.



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  • I just wrote how I got my first comment on being pregnant from a stranger. It was AWESOME. Lol! But I still feel more bloated than pregnant.

    And damn you, now I want a burger. And to top it off some beotch was eating a large McD's french fries at Target when I was there earlier and I've been craving those too.

    Crap, I am just gonna be fat, never have that cute round beach ball belly type of pregnancy.


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  • I'm in denial.   I haven't told my students or their parents yet, and I know I need to, but every time I look in the mirror, I think "I could just be fat." I told my sil today that I was pregnant and she told my aunt that "she could totally tell."  She's seen me once since I've been pregnant, but whatever. 
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  • I just look "fuller".  Like it isn't exactly a bump yet, but my rib cage and hips seem to have expanded and my waist line is gone.  I didn't have much of a waist to begin with, but now it is completely absent.

    My belly is definitely hard (under a jiggly layer of fat)...now I just want it to beach ball out a bit.

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  • So funny because I just asked my husband the same thing today.  His answer was this..."well you don't have an ounce of fat anywhere else on your body, so yes, you look pregnant".  Then he goes..."was that a good answer"?  Lol.  But I feel in that in between stage too because I am naturally a very thin person and now I just look thin with a big gut.  Hopefully it will look more "pregnant" looking in a few weeks!
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  • Yep, I'm still in between.  I actually have a bump when I'm only in a tank and yoga pants, but with jeans and a regular shirt on I just look thicker.

    I was at Target today looking for a pair of maternity jeans and a couple was over on the edge of the maternity section.  I heard the guy say, "maternity clothes" and I looked up and he was looking at me out of the corner of his eye.  I felt like saying, "What? I belong here.  I promise."

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  • I think I just look fat.  So, I just walk around constantly rubbing my belly.  I figure that will hopefully make people realize that I'm not fat, I'm PREGNANT!  That, and I just like rubbing my belly! :)
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  • I had a momentary emotional breakdown on Friday night b/c we went to dinner with DH's sisters/husband's and I had just washed my jeans the day before.  I put them on, and no matter what shirt I put on I just looked FAT. I will be wearing dresses until I have a defined bump:)  I totally lost my waist, and I think I am just wider now.  Ick.
  • LOL I asked my hubby the same question last week. He said for those that know you yes they would think you are pregnant, but others just might think differently.  At least he was honest and I agree!!!  I really hate this in-between stage! At least I'm still in my jeans and that's making me feel a little better.  Just a little ;)
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