fetal movement...

I feel more movement on one side than the other... mostly in the same place..i do feel it on the other side but not nearly as much as i do in this one particular area.  Anyone have any comments...?  They are both head down right now so MAYBE their feet are in the same place???

Re: fetal movement...

  • I have noticed the exact same thing. However, I just had an U/S and they were both moving quite a bit. I figure that I can't tell which little foot belongs to which little babe!
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  • I am going through the same thing. Up until lately I've only been able to feel movement in the lower part of my belly
  • My boys did that and come to find out Wyatt's placenta was anterior so I was not feeling him as much, I was just feeling Hunter for the first few weeks now I feel both of them ALL the time. Congrats it is such a GREAT feeling!!!!
  • At 18 weeks I was feeling no movement on the Baby B side.  U/s said everything was ok but now, B is all over the place and its Baby A that gives me pause.  Ive had to lay on one side to feel A and the other to feel B.  I love it though.
  • I freaked out quite a bit during my pregnancy because I often had a hard time feeling baby B.  They were both head down as well.  I discovered all 4 feet were there together in the same spot, so what I thought was baby A could have been baby B kicking me at times.  All my u/s showed B wiggling all over the place, so that reassured me, but it was still hard not to worry. 

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