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Inspiration from my mom...

One of the things that I really loved about our childbirth prep classes was the scientific aspect - what the uterus and cervix are actually up to during contractions/surges/waves, how the baby's position impacts delivery and the type of labor you have (back, etc).  

Anyway, I keep a blog for my family to read.  In it, I write about a lot of these things, like how happy I am that Baby seems to really like being in the left anterior position, etc.  

My mom called me last weekend and said, "I thought that all babies were born facing upwards (i.e. 'sunny-side up') until I read your blog!"  She had all four of us naturally, in a hospital, and we were all posterior!  She said that she had really bad back labor, but that's how she thought it was for everyone!  Every time she would deliver one of us, the doctor would have her stop through a pushing contraction so that he could "turn the baby."  

I just can't believe that her doctor (the same one delivered all of us) never told her to work on positioning before labor!  She went 30 years thinking that all babies were born this way!  

At the same time, it's very inspirational to me that my mom could get through back labor, having to be in the lithotomy position the whole time, and delivering all of us posterior!  

Re: Inspiration from my mom...

  • My mom is inspiring for different reasons, but I totally get what you are saying.

    My mom delivered her kids naturally and used a midwife (in the hospital) and she has always talked about birth as a great experience. She never uses the words "pain" or "horrible" or phrases like "I thought I was going to die/explode/split apart...ect, ect, ect.

    All of us know how American women love to scare the crap out of other women about birth/pregnancy, and it has been so great growing up with a mom who didn't do that.

    I might not agree with my mom all the time, but you can bet she will be there for my labor. I want her level-headed attitude next to me if I start to freak out.

    Yay for awesome moms!


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  • My Mom doesn't talk about her experiences much at all but like PPs i'm so thankful she didn't scare me and on the contrary has been so encouraging and supportive each time.  I had not initially planned to have her present for my first L&D, but I don't think i (or my hubby for that matter!) would have survived without her there every step of the way!  Second time was way better, mainly cuz i knew better what to expect having done it once, but again i'm so thankful she was there.  I think she unofficially qualifies as my Doula!  Cant wait for the next time in May!
  • Just as PP said, I think my mom unofficaially qualifies as my doula too.. She had me 5 weeks early with Pit, but no pain medication. They never bothered to tell her that pit made it all more painful and intense. I knew from the begining I wanted her and DH to be in the room with me.. she has been wonderful helping me look into ways to deal with pain and support my choice for natural labor. So, I totally agree..

    Yay for awesome moms!  = )

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