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spit-up vs. vomiting

so how do you know the difference??  is the bile in vomiting a different color?

Re: spit-up vs. vomiting

  • spit up looks like formula or breast milk.. i believe vomit is curdled...
  • not necessarily...curdled is just milk that has been digested in the stomach a little bit.  spit up just dribbles out of their mouth non-forcefully...vomit is forceful and your LO should "retch" a little...and it will be a LOT more fluid.

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  • although you could have a happy spitter like me that spits up at every feeding sometimes clear, sometimes currdled, sometimes a dribble, sometimes a huge gush all over me and the floor, soaking the bib and burp rag. vomit would have more of the retch too it. in addition to the forcefulness.
  • my DD used to spit up huge amounts. her ped told me if she is comfortable and smiling right after then it was spit up. vomit makes babies sad 
  • My 6 week old has had vomit 3 times now and it has come out of her nose even.  They have been during a feeding after about 2 oz each time (each on diff days), but it doesn't seem to bother her too much, she's never upset.
  • spit up looks like curdled milk, usually a bit smaller quantity, usually without a lot of force, and baby is not really unhappy about it at all, and may even be gurgling and cooing and smiling afterwards.


    vomit looks like curdled milk but with some bile/weirdness/mucousy in it, usually a larger quantity, usually with a lot of force with retching that continues for a bit once the stomach is empty and the smell of vomit instead of the smell of milk, and baby is unhappy when its over.



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