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XP - question for FF and/or bottlefeeders

In the last couple days DD has gone from eating 5 oz every 2.5-3 hours to barely eating 4 ozs....she gags herself, driples, falls asleep,spits up, eats alittle and then wants to 'talk' to me and smile. It seems to be taking her more than a half and hour to eat 4 ozs. ugh! so here is my question....

Have you moved from level one to level two nipples?? (we are using Dr Brown) How will I know when to switch??


Re: XP - question for FF and/or bottlefeeders

  • We're still using level 1 (though they're Avent bottles which I've been told have a faster flow than others). 

    Everyone tells me you'll know when they need to go up a size because they'll get mad while eating, or will flatten the nipple from trying to suck too hard. 

    Also, while this is only a hypothesis, babies growth does slow down after the inital growth spurts.  Perhaps since her growth is slowing, she doesn't need quite as much?  Like I said, just a hypothesis....

    Oh, one more thing - at one point I thought I needed to move him to the 2nd level of nipple.  He was frantic while he was eating, because he couldn't swallow it as fast as it came out.  You can always test it just for the first minute or two of feeding to see how he does.  If he's spitting out more than he's taking in, you'll know he's not ready yet. 

    Good grief I'm long-winded....

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  • I use the dr. brown bottles and i have a two month old also and he has reach the point of wanting more than four ounces. I plan on adding rice to his formula in a few days. im still using level one nipples. i plan on making the whole bigger since i bought so many of level one nipples. i can say that my son does the same so i just feed him the entire bottle and than burp him, because he tends to fall a sleep and once the bottle is gone he wont eat the rest, so maybe u can try that and see how it works for u.
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