3rd Trimester

Ice Obsession

The finish line huh...ok, I can hardly wait. im 29 weeks and since its summer where I am, I constantly NEED to drink ice water or chew on ice... Im wondering of this is safe for the Baby, I dont want the poor thing to get a chill!

Re: Ice Obsession

  • I think you're fine with the ice.... I would instead be worried that it could be a sign that you're anemic. I know that if you don't have enough iron, sometimes you feel a need to eat ice. Random, but try eating some foods rich in iron - red meat, broccoli, etc. See if it makes a difference!
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  • You will be okay with ice, just make sure you don't choke on it.

    I've been making myself "bite size" ice cubes for weeks now, delicious.  And by your 29 week comment, I am thinking you're new to 3T and see yourself nearing the finish line, right? 

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  • Please do not think I am insulting you with this, but there is a very real thing called "pica" where people crave non-nutritive foods such as ice, dirt, match sticks, etc.  It is very common in pregnant women.  There is probably a lot of information on the web about it.  I learned about it in college.  You may want to talk to your doctor about it if it makes you really concerned.  Only you know.

  • This is totally weird and somewhat related - my hairdresser craved the ice that grows on the side of your freezer (freezer burn) her whole pregnancy with her 1st child. She used to actually chip away at it daily.

    Not that I'm suggesting that you do this... your ice craving just reminded me of her!!



  • I was going to post about this too.. Ive always loved ice, but now its extreme, I have to have it, if i see it I start salivating lol it's absolutely ridiculous.. I even got the NINJA, and make shaved ice a million times a day.. I'd have to say its one of the best things EVER!!! hehe. Well this last week, I have a tooth I had a root canal on when I was 17 in the back, my ice obsession caused me to break my tooth in half straight down the middle :( right after was my ob appt and I was told Im anemic so you may want to have your iron levels checked especially if you haven't always been a ice muncher!

    ETA: Oh and I don't think your question about givin baby a chill is all that bad considering everyone says to drink cold water to wake the baby up... kinda makes sense Embarrassed

  • This has been me the last several days. I have had a cold/allergy attack, and in an effort to stay hydrated I have resorted to chomping on ice.

    I am not a fan of drinking just plain water, but don't mind ice, so I think its a safe alternative.  I am not sure why it would cause any harm to the baby. So you should be fine.

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  • Definitely anemic/iron-deficient. I had that problem in my first pregnancy.

     ***Side note: I worked for 3 years with kids/adults with moderate to severe forms of PICA and other Self-injurious behaviors and this is not your problem.

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