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Embarrassed!! First post m/c AF

My first post m/c AF started yesterday, ~4 weeks after m/c, 1 week after my HCG went to 0.  I've heard it can be heavier than normal but didn't expect this.  At work, I bleed through in less than an hour after changing and had to leave work in a hurry.  I don't think anyone noticed but I'm so embarrassed. 

 Lesson Learned: Should have stocked up on extra super tampons instead of my regulars and changing more frequently. 

Re: Embarrassed!! First post m/c AF

  • Oh man. That certainly is awful. Sorry that happened. 

    Don't be too embarrassed though; I'm sure you are not the first person where you work to have that happen to! 

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  • yeah, I was not prepared for it either. I leaked out of pads so much faster than I was used to. 
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  • I had a similar experience...AF came yesterday morning, so I stocked up on supplies and headed to work.  During the day, I "forgot" I had it b/c I have not had it so long and almost had a big mess on my hands. Good times!


  • I was in a similar situation as you when my first AF finally came too! Hang in there - a couple heavy days and it'll get better!
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