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Is 2 weeks too early?

So, I have no problem having DD around our family and even going to their houses and such. No problem there what-so-ever. However, DH just told me that his dad is having a get together on Saturday for DH's mom's bday. There will be friends in addition to family. I am not 100% comfortable having DD around this handful of friends being that she is still so young. She will be 2 weeks on Saturday. Has anyone else had their LO around non-family members so early on? If we do go, I would make it a point that it would not be a day of "pass the baby" and DH and I would be the ones holding her while there. Maybe I am just having a case of "first time mommy paranoia."

Any advice?

Re: Is 2 weeks too early?

  • Around that time we went to a wedding with 200+. everything went great. We had a good time. Do what your comfortable with though.
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  • We had a BBQ for friends and family when DD was 1 week old. I actually didn't mind at all that she was being passed around. I actually didn't hold her the whole day besides when she needed to be fed, but maybe I'm just overly NOT paranoid. lol
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  • Nah, I was the same way, germs germs germs. Hell I still am! haha  I Lysol the table and chair before putting DS's cart cover in the set along with him.  I personally did not have DS around alot of people, as they are susceptible to getting others germs.  If you must go I would as you say that it was not a "pass the baby around" day, BUT if someone was sick and getting over it or are sick, I wouldn't even go.  MIL and her peeps thought I was crazy, but at 4 weeks she gave him a cold cause she just had to see him and was "over" her sicky. BS!  Do what you think is best for your DD, screw everyone else (for lack of better words). =) 
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  • We went to a 2 year old birthday party when DS was 12 days old.  I just plunked him in my Baby K'Tan carrier and therefore I was the only one holding him. 
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  • That would bother me, I don't like to expose them to germs like that so early.  If you need to go keep LO in the car seat or maybe wear her in a wrap so that she can not be passed around. 
  • At 2wks we took DD to church with us. I enforced a look don't touch policy for everyone except the grandparents and kept her in her carseat except to feed her. Then the next week at church I allowed a couple of others to hold her. At four weeks I let even more people hold her. I felt more comfortable introducing her to the germs of the environment slowly. She didn't get sick but I also asked people to wash their hands first if they hadn't done so recently.
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  • I would just wear her the whole day.  If you need a break, have the hand sanitizer ready for the person who will hold her.
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  • thanks everyone! i guess we can attempt to go, but enlist a "look but do not touch" rule haha. I don't want to be over protective but I don't want to regret my decision if DD gets sick! Motherhood sure does snap you into a whole new world of worry! Stick out tongue
  • We are on a bowling league and when LO was 8days old, I took him to the alley for an hour just to see how he did with the noise; he did wonderfully. I kept sanitizer on the table I was sitting at, and if they even wanted to touch they had to use that first. Yesterday, when he was 9days, I took him to my office to see my coworkers which was the same thing.. sanitizer was also carried and had to be used before hand. Maybe I'm just not paranoid like a pp said but we're spending today relaxing and regrouping from being around so many people. He did wonderfully both times that we were in public though.
  • At 2 weeks we had MIL's birthday too, we went and kept DD in her chair in a room where there wasn't so many people...
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  • I had Eli out at 2 weeks but it was also in the middle of July. There weren't a whole lot of illnesses to worry about. I think it would be fine but for sure son't let them just pass the baby around all day.
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  • I already had DD out and about a good bit by 2 weeks.  We'd been to coffee shops, friends houses, birth circle, stores.  I think that if you don't let folks play 'pass-the-baby' you'll be fine and probably enjoy getting to show off your darling. 

    How long will you be there?  Are you nursing?

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  • no, DD is on formula. We won't be there super long and only live 1.5 miles away so if I want to leave, there is no issue.
  • I was in my sister's wedding when my 2nd was 3 weeks old.  My husband or mom held him during the ceremony and then I wore him the rest of the time.  I don't like a lot of people touching tiny babies!
  • My dd came in contact with someone at 2 weeks in August and got a viral infection and ended up with a fever and in the hospital for 3 days.  You can never be too safe.  I would carry her during the party in a sling or wrap.  People will definitely understand why you aren't passing her around and if they don't, who cares?  Enjoy the party!
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