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Vibes for Robby!

I mostly lurk on the NJ Nest board (which is very active) but those ladies are famous for their "Nestie Vibes".  So I was thinking perhaps this board can send "Bumpie Vibes" to mama.bear and Robby for his reconstructive surgery tomorrow morning.

If you are new to this board and do not know mama.bear, she's the sweetest lady and her youngest son Robby (who won the Hilarious Baby Photo contest) has a condition called craniosyntosis.  He's having the surgery tomorrow morning and today he's having a barrage of pre-op tests.

So if you could send prayers and healing vibes to Robby, maybe it will help in some way. I hope so.

Kari, I hope it's OK that I posted this. You're loved here and so is Robby.


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