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Choosing Winnie the Pooh theme, am I the only one?

I love lurking here and on all the baby boards but I don't see a lot of Pooh & friends nurseries.  Am I being old fashioned in choosing it as our nursery theme?  We are adopting so we need to keep it gender neutral for now and I thought Pooh would be easy to add either pink or blue to the mix depending on what we have.  I got the bedding from Target and I think we picked a paint color a nice light green.  My sister gave me her crib and changing table, it's dark, cross between dark cherry and espresso.

1. Does anyone else have a Pooh theme?

2. Any suggestions or ideas that we can add?  DH wants a tree decal so I will start checking estsy.  I would like pictures or something on the wall. Haven't figured out curtains or anything yet.  Don't want a border.  TIA :)

(here is the bedding, Disney Pooh & Friends from Target, sorry couldn't post a picture so here is a link:)


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Re: Choosing Winnie the Pooh theme, am I the only one?

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