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Gag reflex when brushing teeth

Has anyone else experience this?  Should I change the brand of toothpaste that I use?  What has worked for you and what hasn't?
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Re: Gag reflex when brushing teeth

  • I don't brush as far back on my tongue, but sometimes that doesn't even help.  I dread brushing me teeth everyday.
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  • wow Im still trying to figure that out. I just have to tone myself out while im brushing my teeth. Thats the only way i get threw it is if i dont focus on what im doing. Sorry wish i could help. Good Luck
  • I had to stop using toothpaste all together.  I just brush w/ water and then rinse w/ Listerine afterward.  It does the trick just fine but something about the toothpaste (tried several different types) made me throw up in the sink every time.
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  • yup, I wasn't so bad at the beginning, but it's gotten worse now. I just avoid my tongue and I'm ok. No tooth paste grosses me out even  more, but if it works for you try it.
  • I have always had this... seems a little worse with pg though.

    If it is too bad, brush your tongue a little softer.


  • It's the whole motion thing for me. I think if you take care not to brush your tongue and to not stick the brush so far back you'll probably be much happier
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  • I guess it depends what is causing you to gag, if you know it's the toothpaste I have heard changing to a much more bland one can help.  For me, I constantly got sick just from gagging from brushing so the only thing that would have helped would be not brushing far back.  Luckily it did get better!

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  • Thank God it's not just me that has the issue. My teeth are ok. But, I haven't been able to brush my tonge as good as I normally do for weeks. I just feel like there are soooo many germs having a party in my mouth right now. Plus, I'm scared to talk to anyone up close for fear that my breath stinks. I usually start brushing my tonge, then stop, take a few deep breaths, then start again and go really fast.
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  • Totally!  I never used to gag! Yuck!
  • I have been pregnant twice, and both times this has happened to me. I never considered the toothpaste being the culprit (that may be it), but I think it is more the sensation.
  • I get this occasionally. I just stop and come back to brush later. :)
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  • Yup, I get this all the time even though I had almost no morning sickness.  I've found that the amount of foam is what sets off the gag reflex rather than the motion or the taste.  Try using less toothpaste (a pea sized amount is just as effective) or switch brands.  I recently started using a sample I got of Arm and Hammer toothpaste and I LOVE it!  It foams up so much less than the brand I was previously using and my gag reflex is almost gone.  I'm going to go out and buy a tube or two of Arm and Hammer toothpaste once the sample runs out ;-).  Hope this helps!



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  • This started happening to me around eight weeks. I tried skipping brushing my tongue and using mouthwash more often but that didn't help. I also tried switching to a cinnamon tooth paste instead of the regular mint kind I typically use, but that didn't help either. I'm almost 16 weeks now and I only throw up about twice a week but when I don't throw up it still makes me really nauseated. I know this isn't helpful but I do understand how you feel. Hopefully soon it will subside.
  • Yes! I have had this. Before I was pregnant, I would always gag but now that I'm pregnant, I have thrown up several times. When I go to brush my teeth I have to calm myself down and take a deep breath. I just know it's going to be bad. The act of sticking out my tongue makes me gag and so now I just try to brush my tongue as quickly as possible. This morning I didn't gag at all so it does get better.
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