3rd Trimester

What was different about this delivery (compared to first)

There were a couple of things that happened during my delivery that I wasn't expecting, so I thought I'd share, as I always found these posts helpful.

I had a planned c-section vs my first delivery was vaginal.  My milk didn't come in the same way it did with DS#1, sounds weird but it felt different this time around and I didn't think it could or would.

For me the spinal block was a really different feeling than an epidural, wasn't expecting that either.

All modisty went out the window in the operating room, literally, the moment they laid me down, they spread me open and put in the cather (sp?)

I let my pain medicine wear off once, didn't let that happen again.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, good luck ladies!


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Re: What was different about this delivery (compared to first)

  • Thanks and Congrats! I've heard that breast milk coming in after a c-section is different and have experienced it myself. As far as the pain, they actually left my pump for the epidural attached to me for about 2 days so all I had to do was press a button and BOOM, a shot of relief. I hated my c section, but that was wonderful.
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