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i havent gained that much weight, ten pounds in 22 weeks.....my dr is happy with that. but my legs look huge! my husband agreed with me! so i am not crazy!!! anyone else have the same problem? i think i look great otherwise.....

Re: Legs!

  • Aww! I think it's a little different for everybody... Already having big calves, I noticed my thighs started rubbing together right about 22 weeks. I'm still (barely) fitting into two of my old pairs of pants at 27 weeks - the buttons are just a little more strained... but not sure how they look from the back with the thigh situation. I don't think I want to know. It's my face (cheeks) that freak me out. I think I look fine in the mirror and then I see a photo... yikes! 

    Glad you're feeling great otherwise. Your body needs sturdy legs to hold up that baby as it gets bigger!  

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