3rd Trimester

baby not kicking as much

has anyone else noticed that the baby doesn't kick as much?  She is still moving, but seems it is not like it was before.  I am 30 weeks, and a lil nervous.

Re: baby not kicking as much

  • LO will have slow and lazy day's as I like to call them. As long as you are still feeling her move I am sure she is fine. If you are worried call your doctor .
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  • As long as you still feel movements then you are good. There comes a time when the baby doesn't have as much room as it used to so movements are felt more than kicks. I know I feel movements more often than kicks these days.
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  • I noticed this kiddo wasn't moving as much. He was still getting his 10 kicks in, but I still mentioned it at my appointment yesterday. My MW said it was perfectly normal, but just keep counting kicks.

     Of course, today, he's been going nuts so it seems to vary.

  • Im almost 28 weeks and I notice that my little guy does not kick as much as he used to. IT freaked me out at first but now that I see these posts and I feel him kick now and then, then I feel more at ease.
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