1st Trimester

St Louis..

Who is your OBGYN?

What hospitals do they go to?

Are they supportive for natural births?

What do you like about them and what do you not like?


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Re: St Louis..

  • You may have better luck with this post on your local board.
  • T.J. McCaffrey...


    He delivered my sister and brother... Kind of a family thing

    He is supportive of Natural Births

    He's older which may be a downside but I've known him since he delivered my moms babies (besides me of course) :)

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  • Dr. David Super.  No I am not joking his name really is Dr. Super.

     He works out of St. John's and MoBap

    I think he is supportive of natural births. 

    My first child passed away due to birth defects so when I first interviewd him I found him to be extremely personable and had a calm demeanor.  He knew I had a lot of anxieties when it comes to pregnancy and he just has a away of calming my fears and making me feel safe. 


  • Just a heads up, but the local boards are dead most of the time....

    I use Women's Care Specialists/ Janet Matusek.

    She has an office at St. Luke's and in St. Peters by Barnes St. Peters Hospital

    She delivers at St. Luke's. St. John's, MoBap, and maybe one other, but I can't remember. 

    My nurses and doctors were supportive of any decision I made.  I first started with the natural birth plan, but then changed my mind.  They were on board with either way.  I like that I usually have the same nurse every visit  and I was able to meet the other doctor in the practice for some of my prenatal visits in case they were on call when I delivered.  I would say she is cautious and takes her time with her patients.  I had a lot of hemmoraging post birth and she handled it very well (no one was allowed to see me for about two hours).  My DH said that the nurses were kind of freaking out about it, for they could not stop it for a while, but Janet was so calm that I did not notice.  

    I like the practice and the staff, but the only thing I am not sure about is that they have a new doctor who I have never met, so I can't speak for for how I feel about her just yet. 

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  • I lived in STL when I had my daughter.  I ended up really disliking my OB, but I don't feel right trashing her on a message board.  If you want more info, you can PM me.

    Big sister {September 2008} Sweet boy {April 2011} Fuzzy Bundle {ETA July 2014}

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  • I see Dr. Meer Patel at OBGYN associates.  Her office is over by the Galleria off Brentwood, but she is assoiated with MoBap, Barnes and St. Lukes I think.  DH and I are actually going on our tour of MoBap tonight.  I think she is great...been with her for 2 years now.  I'm not going with a natural birth, so I haven't asked that question.  She shares an office with 3 other OBGYN's and is actually the youngest one there.  Very informative and easy to talk to.  If I ever have a question she personally calls me back within the hour. 
  • Thanks everyone I wasnt aware of the local board.

    Also thanks for the suggestions.

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