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UU anyone??

I had my LO @ 31d1w, and my OB discovered that it was due to unicornate uterus (sp?).  There's not much info out there, and I was wondering if any of you ladies have the same thing?  My doc has only seen 1 other case besides me in his 35+ years of practice, and there seems to be very little information out there on the web about it. He said if I choose to get pregnant again, chances are I would again go into PTL around 31-33 weeks, and have another NICU stay for the baby.

Thanks for any input you can offer!

Re: UU anyone??

  • Me me me!! It is a pretty rare thing. I tried for a year to get pregnant with nothing. We had planned on adopting so when we found out about my UU we just moved on to that. We adopted two fabulous boys (now 4 and 3) and now I am 22 weeks pregnant with twin boys.


    There really isn't much information out there on UUs. Most of it is outdated and very pessimistic. There are plenty of women with UUs that go full term and have no issues, but there are also lots of women who have lots of issues. I learned a TON of good information from a yahoo group for women with UUs and I highly reccommend joining. I dont think I ever would have even tried to get pregnant again if it weren't for all the positive stories and supportive people from the group. One thing to remember is that you already were pregnant once. Your uterus has already had the practice of stretching and expanding. In general, second (and third) pregnancies tend to last longer than the first with a UU because the uterus has been stretched out before.


    Here is the link for the UU group:

    http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/uusisterhood/ ;


    If you want to email me, my email address is amwk@gkline.com. It might take me a little while to get back to you. My kids keep me a little busy :)

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  • Thanks so much for the reply!  I actually found that group a couple of weeks ago, and joined.  You're right - there are MANY positive stories on there, and I've actually learned more about the condition there than with the doctors!  This was actually my 2nd pregnancy.  I lost my first child at 20 weeks, and no one could tell me why.  When Beaux was born at 31w1d this past July, via emergency c-section, the uu was discovered, and the OB told me that my first son had stretched it out enough for the second to survive.  That really meant a lot to me.  The way I look at it is that my first son sacrificed himself for his little brother, and I like to believe he was in the NICU with Beaux, and looks over him now!  My OB says I'll probably be able to carry to between 31-33 weeks should I ever get pregnant again.  That decision, however, remains to be seen...lol.  I haven't developed that "labor amnesia" I keep hearing about, and both of my pregnancies were high risk for many other reasons, without even knowing about the uu!  Who knows, though...I may decide that I want one more anyway...I'm not going to completely close myself off to the possibility!  :-)
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