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Hey everyone! I was on the second trimester board quite a while back, but was not very active after a certain point due to my time being consumed with work, vacations, and other matters. Now I've given birth to our son, Rylan, who was born Monday, September the 27th.

Here's our situation - his newborn screening for his thyroid came back showing hyperthyroidism; after being retested by his pediatrician, the levels were still elevated -  enough so that there was a prescription pill called in for him that day and we are seeing the only pediatric endocrinologist in the state tomorrow afternoon. They will take more blood from him then and retest some other factors, and depending on what they find out will determine how long he will have to be on medication for this, if at all after the results come back. 

He was born only three weeks early, spontaneously, but only weighing 5lb 10oz and 18in. It seemed somewhere after our last ultrasound at 26wks his growth really slowed down, which the thyroid may be the reason for it. Has anyone gone through this? 




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