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Failed one hour glucose test

Hi, ladies.  I have been away from these boards for most of my pregnancy but wanted to pop in and seek some advice.  I found out on Thursday that I failed my one hour glucose tolerance test.  Total bummer.  So I have to make an appointment with the lab for the 3 hour test. 

Here's what I'm wondering: I scored a 142 on the test, whereas 139 would have been passing.  So I was 3 points away from passing.  Do a lot of people pass the 3 hour test after failing the 1 hour test?  Since I was pretty close to passing the 1 hour test, are my chances of passing the 3 hour test pretty good?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.  I hope you are all doing well. 

Re: Failed one hour glucose test

  • I also failed my 1 hour!!  Although they never gave me any numbers.  I did go back for my 3 HR.  they told me I had to pass 2 of the 4 blood tests with normal results...and I passed all 4 with normal results!  I know its hard to not worry about this, but sounds like its a common thing!!
  • A LOT of people that fail one hour will pass the three hour test. At my docs they will test every hour of the three hour appoinment and once you pass they let you leave. From my understanding the one hour creates more worry and stress then anything else
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  • I failed the 1hr, too, with a result of 150. I passed the 3hr, and they actually told my that I have low blood sugar. The nurse also told me to make sure that I keep snacks with me to make sure my blood sugar stays up. I failed the 1hr with dd, too, and had the low blood sugar thing with her. My doc told me that it's really common to fail the 1hr.
  • I miserably failed the one-hour test. I wasn't even close to passing. However, I passed the three-hour test with flying colors.

    Try not to worry about it. Odds are you will pass the three-hour test. Remember to bring a good book!!!

  • failed the one hour by 3 points

    passed all 4 on the three hour

    and now i had to take the one hour again, hoping i passed should hear by monday 

  • I failed the one-hour with 142 and failed 3 of the 4 on the three-hour.  The lab told me about 50% who take the three-hour pass.  GL!  If you do fail, GD isn't as bad as I thought it would be, despite needing insulin.
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  • I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour.  Definitely don't worry.  Being pregnant slows your metabolism, causing you to process sugar more slowly, so lots of people fail the 1 hour without actually having a problem.  I read that only 15% of women who have to take the 3 hour actually have GD.  
  • Not to repeat what's already been said, but the same happened to me.  They didn't tell me what my 1 hour results were, just that they were "abnornal" and I needed to go for the 3 hour.  The first time I went for the 3 hour, after not even 20 minutes, I threw it all up.  That made me nervous - I figured that was almost a guarantee that I had Gestational Diabetes - but they sent me back to try again and thankfully I kept it down with no issues that time. 

    In the end, my initial "fasting" results were great, my first hour results were pretty high again , the next hour was in the "normal" range and by the third hour, I was actually pretty low (54). 

    In summation - Very possible to have high results and NOT have GD.   Good Luck to you!!  :) 

  • Same here- failed the one hour test with a 154, and passed the 3 hour test.  GOOD LUCK!!!
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  • I scored a 145 on the 1 hour, and passed the 3 hour with no problem.  My OB said that most ladies (~85%) who fail the 1 hour will pass the 3 hour.  Good luck!
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