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round ligament pains or short cervix

so i believe what i am experiencing is round ligament pains in my lower abdomen for the past few days.....achey and sore...especially on the left side and low on my pelvic bone.....anyone else?  though this could also be compacted with "gas pains" and the fact that i often find myself constipated...yuck.  also my doctor mentioned my cervix was short 2.8....should i be worried...and is that causing the pain?

Re: round ligament pains or short cervix

  • My cervix opened up with my second pregnancy and it felt like labor pains and they would come and go like contractions. The constipation and gas can really hurt, that's probably what it is. If your doctor wasn't too concerned about your cervical length, I wouldn't worry. 
  • I have been having pains in my lower pelvic area for a wile now. (I think they started at 11 weeks.) when I asked the dr about it she said to be careful with fast movements like twisting and bending, but its most likely just the uterus stretching with growth. (and if its the first baby it needs to stretch for the first time remember that.) She also told me that if there is a discharge of pink or green or brown to go to the ER. 

    She suggested that I get more potassium and vitamin D in my diet to help with the pains. If there really bad laying down with a heating pad on low helps, as well as curling in to the pain if you cant lay down.

  • I have been having pains on my left side too for a few weeks now.  When I asked my OB about it, she said that it was probably RLP.  The other  night I rolled from my left to right side to my right side in my sleep and the pain woke me up. 
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  • I would guess its RLP and not the cervix causing the pain.

  • thanks you guys :)

    i will assume also it is RLP as it is my for the cervix the doctors are monitoring me ever two weeks to make sure it doesn't shrink more....crossing my fingers.

    my doctor did indicate that the left side pain can be caused my gas in my intenstines and constipation.  i switched my prenatal vitamins a couple weeks ago...i may switch back to see.  you never know.

    ps it is so nice to have such supportive people thanks again :)

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