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McMoyler Method

I had DD 6 1/2m ago and did it naturally. I recommend going to and ordering The Best Birth dvd and the book! I wanted so badly to do natural child birth and didnt know what to do and it seemed like I kept missing the classes given at the hospital so I went with this method. Not to mention everyone kept telling me Lamaze was a total joke. Anywho, went with this method and you do it at home with your partner or alone if you dont have one and its so wonderful. I had DD naturally and got through everything like a champ by following what I learned. One of the things I liked the most is that when you watch the dvd she doesnt bs you. She keeps it very real and tells you how it really is. Just a suggestion that worked for me so im passing it on to those who want to do natural child birth...I cant wait to do it again!!! lol 

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