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anyone else have spotting?

Hello, I am 25 weeks pregnant and everything has been going great up until today. My baby has been kicking and moving up a storm. Today however I got a little nervous. Sorry to gross any of you out if this isnt happening to you, but...I thought I was having normal discharge but when i looked in my underwear today i had a little bit of blood. It wasn't a lot but it still scares me because I havent had bleeding at all during this pregnancy, which is my first.  My MD's office is closed, but i dont think it's enough to go to the ER.

Has this happenened to anyone else??

Re: anyone else have spotting?

  • Nope not so far. If it were me, I might go to the ER. But then again I am a worry wart. Was it just the one time or has it been all day?
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  • I would go to the ER, bleeding may be caused by placenta previa so get there fast
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  • I had severe cramping and spotting up to my 15th week but it went away after that. I went in to the doctor almost every time it happened because I already had one m/c. She said that it was my cervix having increased blood flow and it was lower down? Later at my anatomy scan they told us it was high up and nice and tight I think she said. So I don't know.

    My mom's teacher partner had spotting at 28 weeks and is now on bed rest for the next 4 weeks. She is 41 though.

    I would go to ER though. We did several times and always found it was better than sitting at home and wondering.


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  • i would go to the ER....your dr. doesn't have a service to call?  If they do call them on the way to the ER to tell them that is what you decided to do.

  • I am 20 weeks and had spotting this past weekend. I called my doctor's after hours line and they had me go to the hospital (the OB nurse center rather than the normal ER). They did several checks (checked the baby's heart rate, had me wear a device that checked for contractions, performed an ultrasound, urine sample, vaginal exam) and they didn't find anything wrong. They had me go home and monitor the situation for a few days. They suspect my cervix was just irritated and the spotting stopped after two days.

    My doctor did say that bleeding can be a sign of preterm labor, so it is generally a good idea to get checked out when bleeding starts.

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