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anyone on anti depressants

i am currently taking Zoloft and obviously I would like to get off of it now. I tried a few months ago and it was a no go...I have a call in to my OB, just wondering if there is anyone else out there that has been given advice from their docs. TIA and Congrats to you all!!

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Re: anyone on anti depressants

  • I am on Zoloft as well for my anxiety. I asked my doc yesterday about it. They told me that if you feel that you can go without it that would be great. However, if you can't be weened off of it right now, then it is okay. Zoloft is one of the drugs they will be okay with you taking while pregnant if it is necessary.
  • I was on low dose AD's for about 10 years.  When I went for my annual while we were TTC, the doctor basically told me that if I could stop taking them, I should.  So I did.  I went through a couple of weeks of moodiness afterwards, but am okay now.  I've read that if you can't stop taking them, then don't, because not taking them if you really need them is worse than taking them at all.  Definitely talk to your doctor.  As was said already, some types of AD are recommended over others while pregnant.  Best of luck!
  • I was on prozac but I stopped taking them, I kinda want to get back on it cause my anxiety and mood swings are starting to get a little "out there" again. Im trying to deal with it w/o them though because I read that it can later on cause emotional develpment issues and behavirohal (sp) issues down the road as well as effect sleeping.

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  • My doc told me that Zoloft was the one to be on if I was going to take one. I tried to ween myself off and I just couldn't do it. I tried for weeks at half dosage and I just couldn't get a hold of myself. I wanted to rip everyone's head off! haha So, I went back to my normal dosage and I am back to mostly my normal self. He said that the baby will go through a slight withdrawl, but that they are so small they won't even realize it, it's not harmful and you won't even know the difference. He also said that I should be watched for a crash after I have the baby because someone very susceptible to ADs, like me, can spiral down after the birth process.

    Good luck to you!

  • I am also on Zoloft. My MWs said that's their preferred one if ppl need one while pg. I need it for anxiety and depression. I have thought about weaning down my dose but decided it wasn't worth it. Last week through the weekend I was throwing up so much that I don't think my meds were staying down, and it made a huge difference in how I felt. I was just demoralized and feeling really unstable. FWIW I took it through my pg with DS and he's one of the happiest kids I know.
  • Good to see you on here!

    I'm also on zoloft and will remain on throughout the pregnancy.  My first appointment is tomorrow so I haven't discussed it with my mw yet, but after talking with my psychiatrist, I feel confident that this is what's best for me and the baby.

    I was only recently diagnosed with ppd/ppa and the way my psychiatrist explained it, I would be risking relapse to stop taking meds before I was in remission.  He explained that to be considered to be in remission you need to have no symptoms for 6 months.

    I've only felt like I've really gotten back to normal in the last few weeks and I definitely don't want to risk a relapse.

    My psychiatrist recommended I check out this website for more info on antidepressants during pregnancy:  http://www.womensmentalhealth.org/


  • I've been on Zolft since diagnosed with PPD after having DS. I tried weaning when DS was about 9 months old and it turned out to be a bad, bad idea. I talked to my ob about it, and she feels that it's better for me and the baby to be on it. The anxiety and depression that would occur as a result of me not taking Zoloft would be much more harmful than the drug itself (which is pretty innocuous anyway).
  • I am on Effexor. I've been taking it for about 5 years for depression and anxiety. My doc has said there isn't much research on the effects of this drug on pregnant women and babies, but early studies haven't revealed anything super horrid.

    Obviously the advice of the doc is if you can stop taking AD then do so, but I can't even reduce my dose without having major side effects.

    My doc has said in my case, its safer I stay on my AD as I don't take care of myself when I'm off them.

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