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SO P!SSED (vent)

I just found out that for the past 2 months STBXH has been collecting unemployment to the sum of about $2200. Is it a whole lot of money for 2 months, no, but we have talked a few times about supervised visitation and random finicial stuff and he never told me.

Does he have bills, yes, BUT I could care less if his lawyer gets paid. How about $50 for formula and diapers. Honestly, why do stupid, selfish DB men expect us to be reasonable and "understanding". I will never understand it. Trying to hide this from me when you keep asking how I am and trying to tell me how sorry you are for everything... well I am tired of "I'm sorry"!

Am I surprised this happend, NO. I was lied to a lot obviously, but I still get so mad.

FYI- I am waiting till he is in prison (as advised by my lawyer) to file for divorce because it will make my life easier.

I couldn't make this sh*t up! 


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