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am i wrong ?

my LO was born Aug. 16,2010, and My parents and i have been purchasing everything for my son. My son's father knew from day one and hasn;t done anything to help in the process. During my pregnancy he was very emotionally abusive towards me for some odd reason, well to make a long story short. He was suppose to bring my son a Swing (mind you this is the first thing he has bought period) and at the last minute decide to change days claiming he had something to do after i had already adjusted my schedule and this was he last straw and if he couldnt come through then he would have to wait until my son is old enough and wants to meet him on his own.  Since my son has been born he has only seen him three times..twice at the hospital and one time when he was three weeks old and he didn't sign the birth certificate when he was at the hospital. so i just wanted to know am i worng?

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