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? for moms with babies who have acid reflux problems

Was your doctor able to give something to your baby that helps? What kind of symptoms did your LO have that got them diagnosed with the problem?

My LO has been having a really rough time the last week. She has always had a problem with spitting up, especially if we lay her flat right after feeding, But the last five days she has been projectile vomiting. Like I mean a fountain and it just keeps coming.  Any ideas and answers are really appreciated, thanks!

Re: ? for moms with babies who have acid reflux problems

  • We have been on Zantac25 since 4weeks old. It has helped, but if he lies down after eating he spits it all up. If we miss a dose or are late giving it to him, he is miserable and all symptoms return.

    Our symptoms were arching his back after eating, eating very fast, spitting up for hours and not just a little(my burp clothes are recieving blankets) and crying after eating.

  • We had the same issues as PP but without projectile vomitting.  My DD has "silent reflux" which means that she is still spitting up a lot, but she isn't projectile vomitting.  She doesn't arch her back but does get a very sour face after/during eating.  Sometimes she will cry during eating.  The doctor's office we take her to has two pediatricians.  The one was very loose about the diagnosis.  She suggested I put cereal in formula/breastmilk to help keep it down.  I didn't want to do that because she was only 4 weeks old and AAP says no cereal until 6 months old.

    I took her to the other doctor in the practice a week later.  In that week she hadn't gained any weight which was very scay.  The pedi had us go to CHOP for an ultrasound and other tests through the emergency room to see if she had pyloric stenosis which would have required emergency surgery.  She didn't have it.  We then got an upper gi which showed no anatomical reason for the problems and she did reflux on the table so it indicated that she had it.

    We have her on Zantac and are putting rice in the formula I give her 2 to 3 times a day. I've seen a huge improvement already and it hasn't even been a week.  Going to the doctor and feeding my DD right before the appointment so the dr. could evaluate her spitting up helped too. 

  • My girls are on Prilosec.  They both were spitting up a lot...projectile...hitting walls several feet away.  Also they would arch their backs and cry during eating.  They made a lot of squeaking swallowing sounds as the reflux would occur and they coughed and their eyes would tear up.  Now with the Prilosec they're doing great.  Other than a wet burp here and there they don't spit up (*knocks on wood*).  We still try to keep them upright for 15-20 mins after eating but they sleep flat on their backs again and do fine. 
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  • A formula switch (to similac sensitive RS) and zantac helped DS1 almost immediatley, GL!
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