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Pom Juice

Am I the only one that likes it?  I finally found the Minute Maid kind today, and I think it's pretty delicious Big Smile
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Re: Pom Juice

  • I have been drinking POM (it was on sale this week) and I actually enjoyed it. I wasn't sure what to expect.
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  • Nope!  I love it love it love it too!
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  • I LOVE the Pom Wonderful juice.  So much.  Their Kiwi Pom, Cherry Pom, and Regular Pom are my favs.  DH loves the Blueberry Pom, but I'm not a fan of it.

    Pom juice was seriously the best part of waiting to O.  I bought a whole bunch of it because I found it on sale, but I am trying not to drink it in case I need it again next cycle.  A serious bonus of getting a BFP would be that I could stop saving it, and start drinking it.  haha.

  • My whole family loves the Minute Maid blueberry/pom. We can go through a bottle in a day and a half. So yums!
  • I just bought the MM Pom juice and it is soooo yummy!  I have to stop myself from drinking more than a glass a day.  It reminds me of Juicy Juice that my mom used to buy for us.
  • Very yummy! I definitely prefer POM wonderful to Minute Maid. I just wish it was more affordable.



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  • We drink POM and love it.  That being said, I saw this on Yahoo this morning:

    although I must admit I didn't read the whole thing... kinda long Embarrassed

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  • I was a little scared to try it after seeing some ladies didn't like it... I even gave it to my oldest to try first Embarrassed  Now I'm thinking 8 oz a day just isn't going to cut it haha
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  • image Dana_Loves_J:

    We drink POM and love it.  That being said, I saw this on Yahoo this morning:

    although I must admit I didn't read the whole thing... kinda long Embarrassed

    The good thing is the article doesn't say anything on its ability to help w/ ute lining.  However, I think that when it comes to foods curing any disease or whatnot, that you would have to be very consistant and there will prob. never be a definate answer.  I will do whatever "might" help.

  • image kissyfitt:

    I LOVE the Pom Wonderful juice.  


    This.. I was afraid to try it but I just got it last night and I love it!

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