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Would you do it?

My DH's business partner and girlfriend used to be really good friends of ours, or so we thought. Long story short, its better that they aren't in our lives anymore on a personal level. Anyway, I love their 2 yr old son and his mom asked me to watch him every tuesday and thursday while she is at work from 9 to 5. I agreed because she really doesn't have any family around. Well whenever she picks him up she never stays to talk or even says thank you for watching him all day. DH and I asked her to watch our LO for 4 hours one night so we could have date night. They acted so irritated by it that I will never ask them to do it again. And our LO is a VERY happy baby. What would you do, continue watching the little boy without any gratitude or tell her you can't watch him anymore? 

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