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Best mommy moment yet.

Last night DS was over-tired, fussy & would only settle down if I walked around with him.  Usually, the second I try to sit down he starts fussing again & back to walking we go.

I walked for 20 minutes & then tried to sit down.  He laid his head on my shoulder, looked at me with heavy eyelids & grinned.  He started cooing to me in this tiny, little, sleepy voice.  The smiling, staring right at me & cooing continued for about 5 minutes & then, he was sound asleep.

My heart absolutely melted. It was the sweetest thing ever & it brought tears to my eyes.

What's your best mommy moment yet?

Re: Best mommy moment yet.

  • Awwwww. So sweet.  Mine was when I pulled in the driveway and my dad was sitting on the porch with him. He was bawling, red face and all.  Before he could see me I called out, "Hey Boo-Boo, what's the matter?" and he snapped his chin up and gave me a huge gummy smile! :)
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  • That was soooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!! 


    I had so many different moments and they all brought e to tears so I'd have  trouble pinpointing the best one so far:)

  • Soooo sweet!!

    I find myself crying al the time, just looking at DS. I get overwhelmed with happiness just watching him.

    One of my favorites though is when he tucks his head in my neck and falls asleep... feeling him breathing againdst me, all isright with the world.



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  • One of the best moments was when DD reached out to touch my face. We were laying in my bed snuggling and she reached out with both hands and put one on each of my cheeks and was just laying there looking and smiling at made me cry (happy tears) and my heart just melted right there.
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  • Mine happened last night too.  I was feeling overwhelmed because DH has been gone since Friday and LO has had a terrible cold since then.  Well yesterday I got it too.  So I'm laying in bed giving her a bottle feeling like crap and crying.  When she stops eating and opens her eyes really wide and gets a concerned look on her face.  It was like she was saying, "What's wrong Mommy?"  Needless to say I was crying and laughing after that.
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  • Despite getting almost no sleep last night (DS #1 has a cold, DH got up early for a flight, kids were up for the day at 5am), this morning, this morning was one of the best moments. DS #1 and I went to get DS #2 out his crib (at 5:30am) and my older son wanted to play in the nursery. All of the sudden he tells me to leave and says "I play with baby" so I go out in the hall and peek around the door and he's in there tickling the baby with some toys and baby starts laughing and he's like "I make baby happy" and is all smiles about it (he didn't know I was watching).  It was so cute and the first time he's wanted to interact with the baby without me encouraging him to.
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  • I was BFing DD while watching the Stand Up to Cancer telethon and I started crying. She looked up and right into my eyes, which she never does while nursing. She usually looks everywhere but at me. She just locked eyes with me and touched my face. 

    So sweet.  (I realize she was probably just wondering why my face looked like the bathtub faucet, but I loved it!)

  • Mine was the other night. I was breastfeeding J and she pulled back, reached up her hand an touched my cheek and smiled and then latched back on. Melted my heart.
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  • I was rocking Logan the other day while he slept.  He had been cranky all day from teething.  I kissed him on the cheek and he let out this big smile.  I kept kissing him and he was laughing and smiling in his sleep.  It was so sweet.

  • When he was about 4 hours old the nurses brought him to me after his bath.  He was fussing and I just said "what's wrong buddy?" and he immediately stopped and opened his eyes.  It was the most amazing thing in the world to me that my newborn knew my voice.  A very "holy crap, I'm a mama" moment.
  • Mine had to be over this wkd:

    Every Saturday we go over my IL's for family night.  Shortly before leaving, I got a nasty migraine & felt like crap.  I convinced DH to take DS & go anyway so everyone could see him.  DH stopped by around 7 to bring me food, meds & see how I was then went back over (told me DS had slept for an hr or so & was happily playing on the floor with our niece when he left).

    DH got home w/ DS around 9:30 & said that DS had been crying non-stop since he can to check on me at 7 (started when DH left their house) & nothing would make him happy.  He said everyone took turns trying to calm him down.

    I was feeling better so I got DS out of his carseat, took him in the living room & laid him down to check his diaper.  He looked at me & started smiling & talking to me.  He was happy the rest of the night & DH said "what, did you just miss Mommy?  Is that why all the fuss earlier?"  Awww ^_^

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  • purplecrayon, great story, and thanks for posting!  Sometimes it's really nice to read happy mama posts. 

     Just this past Friday, I came home from a long day at work.  Hubs was home with Harper, and he was holding her against his chest, facing out.  She was fussing just a tiny bit.  When I walked into the room she saw me, grinned hugely, and actually held her arms out towards me.  It was this awesome moment of "Hey, that Mama Lady is here to play!" 

     And like a lot of posters here, I absolutely love it when she touches my face, or seeing her touch her father.

  • it's so hard to pick! i fee like i have one daily!

    a recent one was when i was bfing her and she looked up an me and smiled. milk came streaming out her mouth and all over me, but  didn't care, it was so cute!

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