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can anyone rec. their Truck that fits a carseat?

We are talking about trading in our car for a truck due to DH's need for it for work, we do have another car that I can use for the baby, but we want to make sure both cars can transport children just incase we would need to. We have never owned a truck before but I used to drive my dad's pick up so I am a little familiar.

here are the requirements:
1. needs to be able to but a baby car seat and a front facing car seat at the same time, we arethinking ahead for baby #2.

2. needs to have heat/ac in the second row.

3. Don't want to buy a Ford, personal preferance. 

4. We live in PA so it snow's in the winter, and we don't want a truch that's going to fishtail all over, but on the flip side I hate gas guzzlers....


Re: can anyone rec. their Truck that fits a carseat?

  • We have a GMC acadia - three rows of seats, plenty of room for two carseats.  The Chevy Traverse and Buick Enclave are the same - just the least and most expensive versions.  We LOVE it.
  • We have a 07 Toyota Tacoma with the double cab I think.  4 doors.  It is harder than our Pilot because it is higher but we are able to put both the infant seat and convertible in the backseat.  I don't know if it has a/c/heat in the back row since I rarely ride back there.

     We do have the seats separated in the back but in the Pilot we have the convertible in the middle and infant seat on the side.  DH tried to put them together in the truck like that but it was harder to do so we decided to just separate them.

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  • We have a honda Ridgeline and two kids.  It was my car till last summer.  I like it a lot. Especially the storage under the bed of the truck.  The bed is on the small size, but it works for us. 
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  • We have a Chevy Silverado (Crew Cab- 4 door).  We love it but its a BIG truck.  It fits carseats without a problem.  We tried the extended cabs and they didn't work out well for carseats.  You could sort of fit them but the passenger had to have their seat all the way up and we are both tall so it really didn't work for us. 
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  • thank you for the replies! it has to be a truck, not suv, we already have an suv, toyota venzia,  but need the open bed in the back. I'm glad someone could review the toyota tacoma, we have 2 toyota's now and love the cars, but I wasn't sure about their trucks.  I guess next step is test driving and bringing the baby carseat and the britax and strapping them in the tester! The things you never thought you would do ;)
  • Have you looked at the Tundras?? That's what we looked at before we decided to go SUV (due to me driving it vs DH). :)
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  • We have a 4 door tundra, a forerunner and a 4 door dakota.  As far as being reliable the toyotas are where it's at, but as far as comfort riding and driving I like the dakota.  They've all got all of your requirements, but the plus side I find with the dakota is the rear doors open a full 90 degrees, making the infant car seat come in and out with ease.  Unfortunately with the toyotas they don't open up the far so you have to weasle the seat through the doorway.  Very pleased with all three though!!!
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