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I look like a pregnant teenager . . .

. . . my skin is so bad. I've had really bad acne all my life, and finally had it sort of under control. I've been on every acne med in the book, and even some not really meant to treat acne (everyone I told someone I was on Aldactone, they were like, "um, isn't that for blood pressue?"). I went off of everything internal when we were planning to get preggers, and I've been using Proactive (topical benzoyl peroxide).

But this week has been AWFUL! All over my face, all over my chest. I even had someone point it out to me yesterday (yeah, thanks, I hadn't noticed!). And I've got so much blood that they're not so much white-heads as they are "blue-heads" because of the blood underneath.

Having a baby feels like the most grown-up thing I've ever done, yet I feel like I'm 14 again. sigh.

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Re: I look like a pregnant teenager . . .

  • I thought you were going to say something about wearing maternity clothes from Forever21 or something, you threw me off! 


    I feel the same...my face and top of my neck feel like hamburger right now. I have normally VERY clear skin.

    Have you ever tried OCM? It is the Oil Cleansing Method, safe for pregnancy, and works really well on acne (IMO). The only reason I am not using it now is because I am too lazy, I think I will start again tonight though. Yes, it involves washing your face with olive oil or a blend of olive oil/castor oil but it really does work.  

  • I thought mine was actually getting better but just like all the rest of the symptoms they always come back. Its soo gross but I have just come to get over it. Nothing much you can do. Your hormones are going to change no matter how much acne medicine you use.
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  • Just to  make you feel a little better. My skin was awful during my 1st tri with my son and then it got much better 2nd tri and by 3rd my skin never looked better. It was very strange.

    There is one perscription you can use while pregnant and I can not remember the name of it. It can be used all over or as a spot treatment and it really seemed to help. Ask your derm.

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