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Prenatal visit!

I have my prenatal visit on Tuesday, any advice on what to ask or talk about?


This is my first pregnancy, so I am just unsure if there are certain things I need to ask and everything.


Re: Prenatal visit!

  • My first appointment is on Tuesday as well.  I have a few specific questions to ask related to symptoms I've been having, but other than that I'm assuming they'll be asking most of the questions. 

    I've been told it's a wise idea to bring a notepad to jot down any information from the doctor and to list any questions you may have since you may forget by the time your appointment rolls around.

  • Make sure you write down the questions you want to ask. I always seem to forget one of them!
  • Most of my questions revolved around food and health. I was reading a lot of books and online articles about what to eat and what not to eat. My biggest problem was that my DH and I decided to keep the pregnancy a secret, even from our parents, until the 13th week. Well, going to my parents' house and telling them that I didn't want clams and mussels (my two favorite shellfish, caught fresh down the block from their home every summer) caused them to panic that there was something wrong with me, that I must be sick. But the doctor reassured me that shellfish is ok in moderation as long as it is fully cooked. The other questions I had involved what medicines I can and cannot take, emphasizing the fact that I am a teacher and will most definitely be exposed to many germs on any given day. Your doctor will give you a lot of information at the first visit. Always keep a running list of questions to bring with you to the next appointment.
  • Thanks y'all!! My appointment was yesterday morning and it went well. I was also really concerned about what to eatand everything. So I actually have an appointment to meet with their dietician on Monday to try to get a good healthy eating plan!
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