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Ya know what?! (rant) haha

I think the 1st trimester sucks..

Here's why- You feel like crap, you look like crap, you eat like a pig, hate your favorite foods, always need to eat but you can't stomach anything, your boobs feel like they were used as puching bags, you pee like a granny, you piss and moan like an angry wife, you're terrified of losing your baby, you barely get to see the baby, you can't feel the baby, you're an emotional wreck, and most of us are keeping our pregnancy quiet for a little while.

Now, here's what I think would make it better... if you got your cute 2nd trimester belly RIGHT AWAY... that way people would say "aww poor thing, she's just pregnant. Here give her some food, let her move ahead in line, give her your seat, go take a nap I'll take care of it, let me get that for you, oh sweetie let me cook/clean." LOL... ahhh wouldn't that just be wonderful??? A girl can dream can't she??? Big Smile

by the way- this is NOT an angry rant, I'm SUPER happy to be pregnant I just want to see this little monkey and know it's safe and growing strong!... I was just thinking out loud lol... can I get an AMEN??

Re: Ya know what?! (rant) haha

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