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I commute from Forrest Hills to Times Square every day for work, and lately I've been getting queasy on the train, about half way through the trip. Tuesday morning I was stopping off at 57th street to pick up my chart from my GYN office. I was glad to get off the train a little early, because I felt so sick. But as I sat on the platform, I began to feel better. "Maybe I'll sit for a few minutes when I get to the GYN office," I thought to myself. So I climb the stairs up to the street, and as soon as I hit the air, I get that brick in my stomach that means I have about 10 seconds to find a trash can and/or toilet. I book it to the corner and thankfully there was an open trash can (not like the covered ones in Times Square). Up comes breakfast . . . right in front of Carnegie Hall! So classy, right?! ;)

 Now for the "only in new york" part. NOT ONE PERSON STOPPED TO ASK IF I WAS OK!!! I'm standing there, wretching, spitting up bile, and everyone is ignoring me or giving me dirty looks. I tell ya, that did NOT make me feel better or less embarrassed. That's the problem with having these symptoms but no real bump; everyone just thought I was a drunk (even though I looked SUPER cute that day)! :(

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  • What an awful experience!  Unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me though.  Even after going through one pregnancy already, it still amazes me how no one will offer a seat on the trains to a clearly pregnant woman.  I enjoy staring at them and making them uncomfortable where they can't even make eye contact.  I live in Queens also and feel that the people on the 7 train for the most part are much better about giving up a seat than folks on the Manhattan trains.  Hope your train rides get better!
  • Oh, that is horrible!!! But, I know exactly what you mean! When I was pregnant, I would often end up hurling right on the train tracks while waiting for a subway. No one said a peep! I just got used to carrying wet wipes in my purse and ignoring folks! Hopefully you'll get to feeling better soon!!
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  • I know what you my second trimester I had awful bloody noses. One day I was waiting for the train and one unexpectedly happened. I had nothing in my purse to stop it. Lots of dirty looks and people backing away from me. As for how many people offered me a seat? I'd say I got one about 50% of the time...until I was REALLY showing (at 37 weeks). Now I get offered all the time. I think a lot of times people are afraid to offer you a seat if they aren't sure you are pregnant. It helps when you are reading baby/pregnancy books on your commute. When I did that I ALWAYS got offered a seat :)
  • Or you can carry your lunch in a bag from a maternity store. It's also good for accidentally hitting people with when you are standing in front of them in the subway and they are ignoring you.

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  • I'm not pregnant, but in February I had major hip surgery. I took the F or the E to PT 5 days a week, in a brace and on crutches. I was amazed how often I was left trying to stand on a moving train when no one would get up! Some people just really live in their own world! Hope you're feeling better!



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  • I just had this exact experience last week! The construction workers on the opposite corner stood there talking about me loud enough for me to hear, but NO ONE asked if I was okay. Very surreal for someone who has lived most of her life elsewhere.
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